1. Provides religious education to the students and they need not go to other madrassas.

  2. Long ranges of school vehicle facility.

  3. Laboratories are attatched to the concerned departments. Sufficient equipments and apparatus are provided. So that every student can do the experiment indepedently and personal attention is given to every student.

  4. Library and reading room. :A well furnished Library having more than 10,000 books and newly arranged, available in all departments and subjects. A good collection of CD roms in various topics.

  5. The school has an excellent facilities with proven track record.

  6. The academic administrator and Academic directors give their help to students in needed times.

  7. The retired Professors and Educationalists also help to the students.

  8. Good achievements in inter shool fests.

  9. English Communication.

    Special English Communication enhancement classes are conducted by our Academic director Mr.Krishnadas on regular basis for weak students in English. It is expected that this would improve the confidence level of students in exams, interviews and also their daily life and future.

  10. Discipline

    The Institution gives permanent importance for discipline among students.

  11. Seperate prayer hall is provided for girls and the facility to pray at the full fledged mosque near by in the Campus.

    Student’s Council.

    In order to prepare the students to meet various challenges in life, the school provides the councilling by the educational experts.

    ISTT Exams

    Giving the guidlines to attend the International Schollatic Talent Test of the Ideal Association of Minority Education. This talent test helps the students to secure better ranks in Entrance examination for Engineering and Medicine.